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Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Detention Camps have to go!!


Pas de deux or arabesque
The occupation is grotesque


Por nuestras muertas ... ¡Toda una vida de lucha!
Por nuestras presas ... ¡Toda una vida de lucha!
Por nuestras desaparecidas ... ¡Toda una vida de lucha!
Por nuestras vidas ¡Revolución trans y unidas!

Queer, Spanish

Wake up, wake up, you can’t hide
Climate change is genocide


What's the reaction? Di-rect action!
What's the solution? Revolution!

OWS, Revolution

Show me what democracy looks like
This is what democracy looks like
Show me what community looks like
This is what community looks like
Show me what solidarity looks like
This is what solidarity looks like
Show me what abolition looks like
This is what abolition looks like

Black Lives Matter, Multi-purpose

Whose streets? Our streets!

Multi-purpose, Queer

Back alleys, no more,
Abortion rights for rich and poor!

Reproductive Justice



Detention centers? We say no
Solitary's got to go


Refugees In! Racists out!


No more war, no more oil
Keep the carbon in the soil

No more wars for oil
No more wars on [Ukraine, etc.] soil

Climate, Peace

¡No So mos todas, faltan las encarceladas!
¡No So mos todas, faltan las asesinadas!

Queer, Spanish

No justice, no peace!
No racist police!


Sí violentas a una, nos violentas a todas!!!
Sí violentas a una, nos violentas a todas!!!
Sí violentas a una, nos violentas a todas!!!
Sí violentas a una, nos violentas a todas!!!
Sí violentas a una, nos violentas a todas!!!

Queer, Spanish

What don't we want? Incremental reforms! [or substitute]
When don't we want them? Ten years from now!


Wall Street, Wall Street, take a hike!
Now's the time for General Strike!

OWS, Revolution

They got bailed out, we got sold out!


Down, down with exploitation,
Up, up! With a fair food nation!


Our education is under attack
So stand with us: stand up, fight back!

Education, Multi-purpose

¡La renta sube, sube!
¡El pueblo sufre, sufre!

Housing, Spanish

¡A la bio a la bio la transphobia pal carajo!
¡A la bim a la bom no más opresión!

Queer, Spanish

We're here, we're queer, we're sharks, we're gonna eat-cha
Marsha P and Bayard Rustin taught us to defeat-cha

Black Lives Matter, Queer

Tu machismo, es terrorismo
Tu Transfobia, es terrorismo
Tu indiferencia, es terrorismo
Tu silencio, es terrorimo.

Queer, Spanish

*to the chorus of "Shake your Booty"
Pay pay pay, pay pay pay! Pay your workers! Pay your workers!

Funky, Labor

Trafficked workers demand our rights
We will stand and we will fight!
Through our people's demonstration
We will win our liberation!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


Corporate fat cats, rich and rude
We don't like your attitude!


What do we want?
Free the Children!
When do we want it?

Anti-Prison, Immigration

¡Pueblo: escucha! ¡Estamos en la lucha!
¡_________: escucha! ¡Trabajadores en la lucha!
¡_________: escucha! ¡Estamos en la lucha!

Housing, Labor, Spanish

Immigrants are not to blame!
No U.S. terror in our name

Immigration, Peace

Vamos, Vamos, Vamos ... que nada nos detenga!!!
La lucha continua y la victoria es nuestral!!

Multi-purpose, Queer, Spanish

Hey, hey, ho ho: where did all the money go?
Show. Me. The money!

Funky, OWS

Fuck your assimilation
-we want trans liberation
-we want our liberation

Funky, Queer

Your burgers may be square,
But your food ain't fair!

Humor, Labor

No justice no peace
No racist police

No justice no peace
Fuck these racist-ass police

Black Lives Matter

UP UP with education
DOWN DOWN with deportation

Anti-Prison, Education, Immigration

Hands up to the sky,
We're doing this for Akai.


For Deceptacon:
Down with the Man and his drills, his drills, his drills
Down with the Man and his hydrofracking toxins


Corporate Greed/We must fight
Waging war/is not a right!

(Old English Versions)
Corporate Greed, Ye shall fight
Waging war shall be not right


The Boss is sure an SOB
But he's nobody's clown
He'll hire me and fire you
to keep our wages down

Humor, Labor

Every job a union job!


Too many brothers and sisters in jail;
Barred from citizenship and set up to fail.

Anti-Prison, Immigration

Stop! Stop! Funding war
Go! Go! Support the poor

Austerity, OWS, Peace

Dismiss, disarm, disband the police!
The whole damn system is guilty as hell!


Corporate greed
We must fight
Education is a right!

Education, OWS

The Earth, the Earth, the Earth is on fire...

[We don't need no water]
[Stop polluting water]
[Fuck your green-washing]
[We're running out of time]...
Let the corporations burn

The Amazon is burning, Bolsonaro is a liar


You’re standing on Lenape lands!
Put them back in Native hands!

Climate, Land Back

¡Trans, presentes!
¡Contra el patriarcado!
¡Trans, presentes!
¡Luchando por la vida!

Queer, Spanish

La tierra esta temblando, nosotras marchando!
La tierra esta temblando, nosotras marchando!
Vivas nos queremos, Vivas nos queremos,
ni una menos ni una menos!

Multi-purpose, Queer, Spanish

Alerta, Alerta, Alerta que camina,
travestis y transexuales de AMÉRICA LATINAII

Queer, Spanish